Detox Process Pet Friendly Rehabs
Detox Process Pet Friendly Rehabs


There is hope for those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction: hope for you, or hope for your loved one. No addiction is ever too deep, too dark or too powerful for recovery. The first step toward lifelong recovery is to seek clinical treatment. As with any journey, it all begins by taking a few small steps forward.


Detox provides a firm foundation on which sobriety can be built and developed. Yet, detox can also be dangerous, especially when done incorrectly. It is not an exaggeration to say that improper detox can be life threatening.

At Pet Friendly Detox, we believe detox is of huge importance. It cannot be skipped. We offer drug and alcohol detox that is clinically supervised; each client’s detox process receives around-the-clock medical supervision. Additionally, the process starts only after a careful evaluation from an addiction recovery specialist, ensuring that each client receives the right detox plan. Essentially, detox involves addiction recovery specialists physically stabilizing the person, and getting drugs and alcohol out of his or her system—at which point, treatment can begin.

Detox is most effective when you have a support structure in place—something we provide in our compassionate, nurturing environment. That is a big reason to choose Above It All’s clinical detox over a home detox. We surround each client with encouragement and support, reducing the risk of relapse while also keeping withdrawal symptoms under control.

To that end, we offer medications that can help manage and mitigate some of the withdrawal symptoms—non-habit-forming medications that are tapered off once the initial withdrawal symptoms subside. Thus, we are able to make this uncomfortable process as safe and as easy as is possible for clients heading down their road to recovery.


Pet Friendly Detox

What makes detox such an important part of drug or alcohol addiction recovery? Essentially, recovery is the process through which the body and mind are both rid of harmful toxins—setting the stage for the pursuit of lifelong recovery.

Not all detox processes are the same; this is because not all drugs, and not all people, are the same. Often, quitting the use of a drug “cold turkey” can actually lead to significant withdrawal pains—and some of these can be lethal. As such, detox is sometimes a more incremental process, with the drug in question being gradually decreased in its dosage.