Maintaining Sobriety Pet Friendly Rehabs
Maintaining Sobriety Pet Friendly Rehabs

Maintaining Sobriety

What is Sober Living?

What is sober living? Essentially, it is a reflection of an important reality about recovery: It is ultimately a process that lasts a lifetime, and the daily challenges and stresses of your regular life can sometimes make recovery difficult to maintain. In sober living, individuals develop the skills needed to cope with these daily struggles, and to prevent relapse; they are also given opportunities to practice those skills while still living in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Though we do not offer sober living at Pet Friendly Detox, we do connect our clients with sober living communities—whether here in California or elsewhere across our nationwide network. We proudly endorse these as safe havens, comfortable and encouraging places where you can adjust to your new, addiction-free life.

What sober living means is that those who wish to get back a little closer to school, work and family can do so, while still resting safe and sound within the Pet Friendly Detox network. We make it easy for individuals in sober living to keep coming to therapy appointments and support group meetings, and can even arrange transportation as needed.

A common question we receive is how long does the sober living program last? Clinical milestones determine when a client is ready to graduate and move on to any stage of treatment, including IOP/ sober living.

What is important is actually getting to the point where sober living is a logical next step. To this end, Solution BAsed offers a number of treatment programs, all with a focus on healing mind, body and soul. No matter the precise nature of your addiction, we have a program that can help you achieve freedom, and ultimately position you for ongoing success.

Maintaining Sobriety in Sober Living

Individuals who come to Pet Friendly Detox are not just looking to get sober for a short span of time. They are looking for a permanent change. They are looking for lasting results. That is what we want for them—and it is what our sober living assistance program is all about.

Are you or your loved one ready to take this step toward ongoing recovery? We invite you to contact us today to find out. Call us at Solution Based, and ask about sober living.