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Rehab That Allows Cats Orange County Pet Friendly Rehabs
Rehab that allows cats Orange County CA

Are you looking for a drug rehab that allows cats in Orange County California?

When looking for a good addiction treatment center, you may be wondering if there are any inpatient programs available for cats.

Although many addiction centers accept patients who are in recovery from other illnesses, most will not accept animals. There are several reasons why this may be the case, including safety and the health of the animal.

Each inpatient treatment is different, but here are the main reasons why some centers won’t accept pets.

Safety. Although it is true that most inpatient rehab clinics do not allow pets, this is not always the case. It is very important to check into the facility before signing up for admission.

Check to make sure that they follow all of the guidelines regarding the proper care of animals while they are in the facility. Also, be sure that they have a staff that has received special training on dealing with animals.

The health and wellbeing of the animal. This is critical. Ask about the percentage of inpatient days that are dedicated to keeping the animal in good health. Ask if there are special diet plans and medications available.

The cost. You may feel that your pet deserves as much help as anyone else in the addiction treatment program. Unfortunately, the cost can be one of the deciding factors.

If you have limited resources, or if you cannot afford inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment is usually the best choice. Part of outpatient care includes vaccinations, group therapy, and after care programs.

Be sure that the facility you choose allows for both inpatient and outpatient care.

The environment. Some facilities will not allow pets at all. Others require that pets be given an ID and a health screening every few weeks.

Find out what the policy is regarding how your pet will be cared for once it is admitted. Does the facility offer consistent, adequate, humane living conditions?

The staff and support. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers strive to provide the best for their patients. You should find out how friendly and helpful staff members are.

Are they supportive and willing to help you every step of the way? Are they knowledgeable and able to answer your questions? Do the people in the rehabilitation center understand your cats’ needs and requirements?

The in-house pet policy. Many rehabilitation clinics do not allow in-house pets. There are a number of reasons for this, including financial and liability issues.

It might not be feasible in the future for treatment facilities to continue to accept pets. However, you should be able to find a facility that does allow pets at least for part of the rehabilitation program.

The number of animal-assisted therapies and care. How many therapies and care programs are offered to pets?

You need to be sure that your loved one will be able to receive all the services that are necessary in order for them to successfully complete detox and get treatment for their problem.

A good drug rehab that accepts pets will be able to meet all your needs as your pet undergoes treatment.

Which animal assisted therapy or care is most appropriate for your loved one? This is an important question that must be answered by your veterinarian before you commit to treatment in a drug rehab that accepts pets.

Some animal-assisted therapy options can be dangerous, and there’s also a great deal of expense involved with these services. A quality facility will do everything it can to make sure that all of your pet’s healthcare needs are met in order to help ensure their safety.

Orange County Rehab That Allows Cats

What are the benefits of drug rehab that accepts pets? Many of the animal-assisted therapy programs are less costly than traditional inpatient drug rehab facilities.

Also, the animal-assisted therapy may actually make your pet feel more comfortable during treatment because they are allowed to explore and interact with their owners and other animals.

Can I get my cat to the same treatments that I would get in inpatient treatment? Yes, you can get the same therapy and medications that you would get in a traditional rehab environment for your pet.

Keep in mind though that many of these programs use the veterinary medical system to provide medications. The downside to this is that you can’t be sure that your pet will receive the right dosage of medication and will have to rely on your vet for every dosage. This can lead to some serious problems down the line.

What are the drawbacks to a program that accepts pets? One of the biggest downsides to a rehab that accepts cats is the inability to keep them indoors.

Because of their small size, cats are often unable to stay in kennels or small apartments that are small enough to house these animals.

As a result, these animals often end up in smaller, more remote kennels where they may receive less attention and have a higher risk of being mistreated or injured. If you are looking for a alcohol & drug rehab in Orange County that accepts cats contact us now.

Rehab That Allows Cats Orange County Pet Friendly Rehabs
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Rehab That Allows Cats Orange County Pet Friendly Rehabs
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Rehab That Allows Cats Orange County Pet Friendly Rehabs
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Rehab That Allows Cats Orange County Pet Friendly Rehabs
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Rehab That Allows Cats Orange County Pet Friendly Rehabs
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Rehab That Allows Cats Orange County Pet Friendly Rehabs
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